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    So, I’m third from the bottom and have never won a NAGA ?

    Looking at your golf link 27.5 points is about your average so the scores are in OOM are inline with normal score.

    the irony is that you could score consistently score 26 or 27 in every OOM, which will probably never go close to winning a NAGA yet you would still be at the bottom of list.

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    Victorian Veteran Golfers Association, Eastern Zone Challenge at Yallourn today.
    Basically, that’s all clubs east of Melb: East Gippsland, Peninsula, South Gippsland & West Gippsland.
    West Gippsland won by slim margin from South Gippsland.
    How did I play? Crap. 29 points.
    But it was nice to accept the trophy on behalf of 13 clubs in West Gippy.

    Congratulations to the wild west.

    Well I did my part for the southerners by having 39 points. (my best round around Yallourn)
    Good solid round 82 OTS , which included 3×3 putt greens, until I settled down on slower pace and then had 7 x 1 putts.
    ball striking good.

    Sunday is pennant at Leongatha, and then Monday 26th is a game at Yarram

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    pennant at Phillip Island in strong cold wind and rain
    won at 19th after being behind all day.1 dwn
    good fight back
    team won 7/0

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    I am out for this one. playing pennant for Langy at Phillip Island

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    Anyone on here experiment with the most powerful move in golf ? Believe it was secret in the dirt website who introduced this to the world.

    It is working like a charm. Anyone dabble in this ?

    What is this powerful move in golf you talk about which is a top secret.

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    So it turns out that the comp win I had in December was, unbeknownst to me, a monthly medal win. My first one anywhere as it happens.

    The upshot is that I’m in the final on Sunday week. And thanks to the combined efforts of COVID and Dictator Dan…there are only 7 monthly medal winners.

    Could be fun.

    Did you actually win a medal.

    well done, I haven’t won a monthly medal for over 10 years

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    2nd round of club championships yesterday at the home of golf.

    87 OTS in wind and rain. finished a commendable T13 in gross and T8 in nett.

    Pennant today at Wonthaggi in the rain.
    No clouds anywhere else in Victoria except over Wonthaggi and there were heavy showers as we teed off then showers all day.
    really stayed focussed today and won match 1 up.
    close match all day and neither player was never more than 1 up at any point.
    lucky I was getting 1 shot today and that was on 8th hole a par 3.( according to match play index)
    match was all square at turn.
    I won 10th, he won 11th, I won 12th hole to go 1 up then held solid and halved all way home to win at a solid effort
    team lost 3/4

    Off to play a great course on Phillip Island tomorrow called Aussie Golf Ranch, every hole is a par 3. Its a gem, lots of bunkers and water hazards, and 2 sets of tees so can do 18 different holes.

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    We lost 4.5 to 2.5

    Dancer unfortunately lost his game 2&1

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    CURRENT / 30-06-21 / 31/12/21
    Aligolfing 10.1 / 9 / 8.5
    Barenski 14.7 / 14.5 / 10.0
    Benno_r 7.7 / 7.4 / 7.0
    Birdie B 10.4/ 9.9 / 8.5
    Can break 80 11.1/ 10.5 / 7.4[/b]
    Commish 18.2/15.8/ 15
    DavidM 17.6 / 15 / 14
    Deege 16.7 / 14.0 / 13.0
    Dellavedova 14.2 / 12.0 / 11.0
    Francie ​ 8.9 / 7.5 / 6.0
    Goldy 16.5/15.0
    Hack 13.9 / 12 / 9
    Halfer 5 4.5 / 4.3 / 3.2
    Ink 12.4 / 14.5/ 12.5
    iRoNmIcK 21.0 / 18 /
    jrg 14.8 / 14.2 / 12.8
    KEG 6.5 / 6.8 / 5.5
    koiom 3.6 / 3.8 / 3.0
    Madam 5.0 / 4.0 / 3.0
    OldBOgey 16.7 / 17 / 17.5
    Peaksy 7.6 / 8 / 6
    Pyl. 4.8 / 4.6 / 3.5
    Schmuck. 13.8 / 13.2 / 11.0
    Snorkelguru 12.3 / 11.6 / 8.7
    The Butler 6.9/5.5/4.7
    The Great Egg. 2.0 / 0.0 /0.0
    Tochakka 7.9 /7.0 / 6.0
    Turfers 17.9 / 16.9 / 15.9
    Upnin 8.2 /10.5 / 12.5
    Xrman 13.4 / 12 / 11

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    83 last week brought me In to 10.4
    3 shots off handicap by year end still the achievable goal
    coach says I will achieve this goal without making changes to my golf swing.

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    First round of club championships on Saturday and R1 of pennant sunday at Korumnurra.

    Lang Lang:
    course was in excellent condition just a windy day. played well all day a and in control of game all day finish of bogey , Double bogey for 83.
    finished T14 in Gross event so a commendable effort in wind, as only 8 players out of field of 140 broke 80.
    qualified for net championship with a 72, at T6 and T3 in seniors championship.
    final rounds next week
    pennant at Korumburra
    lost 2/1 my first loss in pennant since mid way through 2019 .My opponent gave me chances, which I surprisingly didn’t take advantage of..(lack of match play tune up)
    greens were bumpy and slow after coring and sanding, so this was quite a difference from the slick surface on day before and this meant putting was a lucky dip from inside 1m. I missed 2 putts inside 1m at about mid point of round and this was the difference in end.
    next week will be different and i will be more focussed when opponent gives me chances.

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    4BBB Stab at Warra today.
    We had 40 points which was ok but well off the winners.
    As miscore now keeps track of social rounds, I entered mine as a social while partner recorded team scores. I had 15 & 18 for a 33 total, with no wipes. I played the front nine with a pink ball and played like a sheila, then switched to a yellow for the back nine.

    Placebo effect ?

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    played in south gippsland open mixed day at Lang Lang (the new home of golf today). (course was in terrific condition and greens just a little slower than “normal Lang lang speed) (those readers who have played course will know what I mean)

    been baby sitting grand kids all week so was nice an relaxed with low expectations on out come.
    good process from start and didn’t want to let partner down.

    I played well to game plan and had 80 OTS= 35 points. Lady partner of 14 had 32 so we combined well and had 67 points for a win. (she is also coached by the super coach, so that was a nice connection for us.)

    wife is happy with the nice voucher I won, as will give her more things to buy for new house.

    good part about game was that I didnt have an out on card and even better was very consistent as didnt score worse than 5 on any hole, this is second time this year I have done this in a round and 2 out of last 4 rounds where haven’t had an out, so getting some degree of consistency back in my game.
    travelling this week to country, and back on Friday just in time for club championships next Saturday.

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    What caused the DB’s CB80?

    I hit 4 DB today too. ( just to make you feel better) Mine were caused by 3 putts and one muck up tee shot and poor second shot trying to make up for the tee shot. The greens at Heywood have more slope and I didn’t do well at short putts ( speed control) , So near, yet so far. How can a ball bend at 90 degrees over less than a metre?

    4 DB were caused by 3 poor tee shots and 1 x3 putt.. All caused by not committing to the shots. What made it worse was that it was on my home course, where should know not to have DB.
    lesson with coach next Friday will focus me again

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    Vets at Lang Lang today. Single stab, but average scores determined which tean won.
    West Gipps beat South Gipps by one point, 28/27. I passed the trophy on to our captain so it won’t have to decorate my dining room for another year.

    How did I play? Only one wipe, 31 points.

    The usual mid-week stab at Warra tomorrow.

    Well done to the Wests at the new home of golf. South had 8 players not turn up so this didnt help us.

    My score was 26 points today, which didnt help team South.
    2Pars, 12 Bogeys, 4 DB.
    game is down at moment.
    90 OTS, follows on from my 89 at Keysborough on Thursday.
    Baby sitting duties over the weekend and will be same next weekend, but its lovely thing to do and playing with grand children is far more enjoyable playing bad golf.
    So I need to really focus and improve 10 to 12 shots within 2weeks if going to be competitive in club championships and in pennant.

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    Who is going to watch this new show with a mini golf theme?? Have a watch and see some golf pros on it.

    Golfer Girl, Becky Kay, some Golf Australia people.

    Should be fun to see them get smashed up!

    watched first half hour and decided it was a combination of mini golf and the UK show called wipe out.
    lost interest in show after first episode.
    The US commentator really ended it for me, not even funny.

    It was really sad that a great golf personality like Greg Norman could put his name to this show…….

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