World Series of Golf – Turbo Tournaments launched

What is a “World Series of Golf – Turbo Tournament”?

Well, it is not Golf as you know it!

For Example;

  • Like  ‘Texas Hold ’Em’ Tournaments did for Poker, so will the ‘World Series of Golf Turbo-Tournaments’ do for Golf!
  • You only have to beat your group (of 5 players) to advance to the next round… Lowest score in each group in each round advances.  You do not play the field.
  • You only play on a 12-hole course, with a maximum of 5 clubs.
  • Handicap, shmandicap, all players are playing of scratch, and its stroke-play.
  • 2 Days, 30 holes, a maximum 200 players, a minimum of 100.
  • ‘Cash-Bonus Targets’, ‘Hole-in-One, Bonuses’, ‘Trade Strokes for Cash’.
  • 1st place $100k, 2nd place $50k, 3rd $25k, 4th– 12th place $5k.
  • ‘Satellite Tournaments’ – Hold or Host a satellite tournament, leading up to the ‘World Series of Golf –  Turbo Tournament’, and not only see how the format works, but also win prizes and MORE IMPORTANTLY… FREE ENTRY INTO THE INAUGURAL ‘WORLD SERIES OF GOLF – TURBO TOURNAMENT’ in March 2015!

Click here for flyer NGL World Series of Golf Turbo Tournament

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