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    After playing in the hottest town in Victoria yesterday ( Portland: how unusual !) we are heading to Harrow today. It is about 150 Km inland North of Portland. It is going to be even hotter . This must be our 2 days of summer.
    Anyway Harrow has a nice scrapes course that I will play on Saturday when it cools down. I will take my travel set of Tour Edge draw biased clubs. The Iron- Hybrid style club has a lot of off set for anti slice and it will train me to be confident to aim right and blast, knowing that the ball wont go right at all. The lack of confidence to do this is what shot down my tee shots on the front nine yesterday.

    I tested my hypothesis on the range immediately after the game yesterday. I aimed right side of fairway, set up for the draw shape and most of the shots went back to centre. Confidence and Commitment! AT least I learned that my fade set up will give me a reliable straight shot if I loose the draw shot on any day. I loose about 10 m with the fade, but find the fairway.

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    We had a good 2 day trip to a Harrow over the weekend. It is a sleepy little hollow on the Glenelg River in the western districts of Victoria. Sheep everywhere. Highlight of the trip was the Johhny Mullagh cricket museum which documents the 1886 cricket tour of the U.K. by an Aboriginal team. Cricket fans should make the effort to visit this great display, which includes a good Don Bradman collection section.

    Golf: The club is a 18 hole course with sand scrapes ( established 1909). I think it is a winter only course as it was very dry and the fairways were like dry pasture. In essence I don’t think anyone has played there for a while. Being over hill from the river , there isn’t much irrigation. There must be a bore though, as they are watering the grass on the tee boxes a bit to keep it alive.
    Last time I played this course is was soggy and very cold. Green fees ( oxymoron) $5

    What I found out was that white balls on browned off pasture are practically invisible. I lost 5 balls in 18 holes. I was almost standing on the ball a few times and almost missed it. Overall I was pretty happy with the Nike Driver giving me nice draw shape tee shots. I only clipped one tree, which was pretty good because I was aiming right side and letting them rip. Since I got home I have adjusted the loft to 11.5 to see if I can get a bit more hang time. Some of the shots were a bit low, even though I was trying to hit up on the ball. I will try a higher tee next time too to see if that is a help. I hit all the Bazooka irons quite well once I worked out to aim 10 m right of my target to allow for the draw shape. The 3 iron was a bit hooky, so I really had to concentrate on not letting the face shut too much. I used the Tour Edge HP4 (later design than the Bazookas/ looks more like a Cleveland Launcher) PW to good effect getting the chip shots onto the scrape. The SW got one use when I hit the tree branch with the Tee shot and advanced the ball to the corner pf the 90 degree bend in the fairway. On the scrapes the Arc Master putter is a weapon. I just took aim at the hole and let it go. More often than not it worked O.K. I think I will use this set for all my Vets Scrapes games this season.

    I have ordered a box of orange balls for my up coming tour of inland Victoria and Eyre Peninsula. I think they will be easier to find

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    It is official. I play better in the wind. I snuck out for a quick 9 holes to try out some Bridgestone Extra Soft orange balls that GCO delivered today. I tried a few new tactics, just to see if they would work out.

    My tee shots all gave me ( Tee shot in play) TSIP with reasonable distance . 224 m on hole 7 was the best. 8 pars and one Bogey ( on hole 1) = best ever result. I guess I hit better when there is no consequence.

    Two Steps forward
    1) I hit some decent tee shots with the Orange balls and didn’t lose a ball playing solo.
    2) Putting much improved today

    One Step back
    1) Why can’t I play like this ( stress free) in comps????

    The rain arrived as I finished 9 holes so I went home.

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    That’s a great 9 holes

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    Sadly that form in practice did not follow into the day two of the club championships. I was making up a four at the request of my son in law, as I didn’t compete in day one last Saturday. Originally we were to be away by last week on our caravan trip.

    Conditions were mild and no wind. I played with three single figure handicappers, but we all took turns in some poor shots. I suspect I did best on the crap-o- meter shot wise. It wasn’t that I played terribly, I was inconsistent. My tee shots on the first 9 went a bit too far left and I left two out right on the back 9. I got plenty of practice in punching out of trouble, if nothing else. My chipping was not on song, in that I was leaving some very long 1st putts, which in turn gave me several 3 putts. I was getting it on the green alright, but nowhere near the pin.

    two pars, 3 doubles ( all 3 putts) and 13 bogeys. OTS 91, nett 79. 29 points. Mediocre!

    Two Steps
    1) I hit several >200 m drives ( best 220)
    2) approach shots inside 120 m were good

    One Step
    1) Lag putting was not the best, until maybe hole 18 were I almost sank a beauty from a long way out.

    I need to be mentally more aware of my PSR. I think I am selecting a small specific target , then forgetting it as I swing to hit the ball, reverting to hitting at the ball as my focus.

    Veterans at Heywood on Monday is my next game. Can I repeat my 79 score there last game? Hmmm possible and tomorrow is another day.


    No I didn’t break 80 today. Conditions started off fine and mild, but deteriorated as the game progressed with a 30 kph southerly breeze building and misty rain. 87 wasn’t bad , but my 4 three putts didn’t help. The greens were very good at Heywood and the fairways pretty good too. All in all the course is looking good for late summer.

    I scored 6 pars 8 bogeys and 4 doubles.

    I managed to hit most of my tee shots into play, my approach shots inside 120 m were accurate enough ( 8 GIR) and 4 up and downs. Heywood has some pretty sloping greens and it caught me out a few times when I was too soft with my second putt , only to see the ball bend like an Indian leg spinner bowl. Frustrating. I hit trees twice with my hybrid sots when I tried to fade the shot, but didn’t aim left enough. My only blow out hole was a 7 on a par 5, where I mishit my drive short left, then hit a 6 Hybrid shot into the right side of the dog leg, followed by a LW shot that went under the ball ( landed short) . I should have tried a B&R shot, not an aerial shot from that lie!

    Two Stops forward
    1) tee shots in play 100%
    2) good approach shots inside 120 m = 8 GIR . I attribute this to my one length irons form 80 -125m the swing is all the same.

    One step back (OK 2)
    1) need to correct my aim on hybrid fade shots
    2) short putts on sloping greens I need to hit harder to take some of the slope out of the equation.

    BTW we saw some very big Kangaroos today. Heywood course is well worth a game if you are visiting Western Victoria. $30 green fees is cheap for what you get.

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    I spent the morning underneath our caravan repairing and re- installing water and waste water tanks. Fun? No!
    The replacement tank I ordered from Melbourne as still not arrived 5 days later!

    At one p.m. I went out to hit some balls and play 9 holes using the Tour Edge half set of iron-woods I have for travelling. We leave on our caravan trip tomorrow doing a loop in Victoria, then another over in the Eyre Peninsula of S.A.

    I am carrying a Nike Driver, a 5 W ( 19.5) and the then the 3,5,7,9,PW and SW Tour Edge iron -hybrids and the gravity Golf Arc Master putter. My wife ( learner golfer) will have a 7W, 6i, 8i, PW, LW ,& putter.

    Today I hit the Nike Driver really well using the Eureka swing method, giving me a nice tight draw. I measured two shots at 204 and 205m ( best ever with that Driver). Hitting with variable length irons take a bit of getting used to. It isn’t onerous, but takes some thought with ball position. I only screwed up one 3 iron shot ( hit it fat) when I forgot. Otherwise even the less than ideal strikes still gave reasonable outcomes. These irons ( SGI hybrid-iron style) ought to be on the list for all learners! It makes the game easier, so why not.

    I hit 3 balls as I didn’t have anyone behind me and I didn’t want to catch the group 3 holes in front. I was putting better with the Arc Master today, enough to think that maybe I should use it in competition. I don’t think my 3 putts have a lot to do with the tool I am using though. I tried chipping with the SW and PW. It takes more commitment to use the higher lofted club. Not having a full set of clubs makes you think more about what shot you need to create and how to do it. Cross training is supposed to be beneficial.

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