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    From NAGA to Champ. iRON MiCK’ The untold story. (Nobody wanted telling)

    Shane Warne as iRON MiCK (seriously who else could voice my parts and be completely ignorant of how much they suck at golf at the same time?)
    George Cloony as “Goldy”
    Tom Morello in his first TV role as “Koiom”
    Morgan Freeman as Ink
    Ricky Gervais as Rob Newey

    Special Guest stars
    Dami Im as Ghetto Golfer
    Peter Dinklage as “Kiwi”
    Colin Firth as “Francie”
    Sandra Bullock as “Deege”
    Clint Eastwood as GPJ
    Hugh Grant as cb90
    Jim Broadbent as jrg1116

    Soon to be unreleased on a streaming platform not near any TV soon

    but, someone thought this was a good idea…………..

    If only Rolf was ‘available’

    who do you know that has 3 legs.?

    He can’t be that silly with 2

    Incessant Threadjacker

    NSW Amateur 9hole Speedgolf champ 2019 🤭

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