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    Hi all,

    Funds raised from this great day have been transferred to PJ’s Beyond Blue page

    Apologies for the delay as I lost my debit card and only just received the replacement.

    See you all on Saturday September 18 2021.

    Better start booking somewhere now for sat morn next year!

    The things we will do for PJ. You won’t believe where the next one will be!!!!!


    Wow….Nostradamus like!! 😂

    STILL FUCKING CAPTAIN...but not for much longer!!
    Inaugural L4G NSW OOM Round Winner
    First Eagle in L4G (NSW) history
    2020 Inawgrial L4G NSW OOM Winner
    In a past life:
    2012 National Championships...Inaugural Supreme Putting Champion
    2013 Brass Yacht Winner (Inaugural)
    2014 Brass Yacht Winner
    2015 Brass Yacht Runner-up
    2016 Brass Yacht Winner
    2017 Brass Yacht Winner
    2018 Brass Yacht Winner
    2019 Brass Yacht Winner

    Signatures...when only the best will do...don't fall for cheap copies!

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Viewing 106 post (of 106 total)
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Viewing 106 post (of 106 total)