“Go Play, Get Hooked” targets new market for Australian golf

The PGA of Australia and Golf Australia are celebrating the launch of a promotional campaign unlike anything seen in the Australian golf industry before, leaning on the fun and addictive nature of the game.

The “Go Play, Get Hooked” campaign is the first of many concerted efforts from the industry to target non-traditional audiences, aligning to the vision outlined in the Australian Golf Strategy to have more Australians playing more golf.

The Australian Golf Strategy redefines the games positioning in Australia with the notion that ‘all golf is golf’ and aims to break down the stereotypes and stigma of on-course golf. This was supported by the Australian Golf Landscape report which identified more than 2.5 million people who play golf and aren’t members of golf clubs, with a major opportunity identified in the 18–34-year-old age bracket.

The “Go Play, Get Hooked” campaign was born out of a key insight that golf’s addictive nature can get people hooked and could resonate with a younger age profile in a way that meant they’d want to hear what golf had to say.
The campaign partnership uses a multi-channel approach across the Pedestrian Group and their vertical mastheads’ Pedestrian.TV, Vice and Refinery29, enabling the widest exposure and deepest engagement with these key markets.

PGA Commercial Director Australasia Michael McDonald said, “The intent behind the campaign is to showcase golf in a way we never have before to appeal to the excitement and connection alternate golfers and even non-golfers seek, while defusing the stuffy image that golf has carried for so long to many in this age group.”

“During the covid pandemic a PGA industry fund was put together to focus on producing larger scale industry media campaigns with the intent to inspire a stronger affinity to golf for new audiences and promote the benefits working with a PGA Professional can provide aspiring or existing golfers.

“The industry fund was initially made possible through the support of Callaway, Titleist/Foot Joy & Taylormade Golf, and we are thankful for their generous and continuing support of this industry fund. Golf Australia and the Australian Golf Industry Council has now also joined in this initiative, with the PGA, Golf Australia working in collaboration with Super Sub and the Pedestrian Group to deliver this campaign that we have no doubt will collectively grow the game.” McDonald said.

Golf Australia’s Head of Women and Girls Engagement, Tiffany Cherry said, “Go Play, Get Hooked does a terrific job of showcasing the fun and simple joy that is at the heart of all golf experiences. The reason why those of us, already bitten by the golf bug, keep coming back.

“By working with the Pedestrian Group to show the fun side of golf, we’re able to speak directly to audiences we know are interested in the game, especially women, and show them that golf is for them. This is another powerful step forward for the game.”

The “Go Play, Get Hooked” campaign will roll out across Pedestrian.TV, Vice and Refinery29 featuring video, editorial and display ad content alongside a competition on Pedestian.TV to win the ultimate ‘cool’ golf experience.

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